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West Dorset Mountain Bikers

2010 Biking Weekend

This page has the photos from the 2010 Biking weekend at Longbridge Deverill in Wiltshire - 15th-17th October 2010

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This page was last updated in August 2017.

Those who were at the weekend:
Gary & Janet, Jan & Ed, Ian & Veronica, Carolyn, Derek, Steve, Rod, Paul & Liz, Jo & Gordon, Dick & Deb, Sue

We stayed at The George Inn in Longbridge Deverill.

The routes we took, Friday's route on the right(thin blue line) and Saturday's route on the left (thick blue line).
The altitude profile is of Saturday's route.
Friday's ride took us out on the bridleways to the east of the Deverills.
Saturday's ride took us out to the west and took in a number of the local places of interest including Shearwater, Centre Parcs, Heaven's Gate, Longleat House, Alfred's Tower and Stourhead Gardens.

route map

Friday 15th October 2010

The George Inn



Steve and Gary

Rod, Liz and Steve

Deb and Dick


Jan, Paul and Gary

Jan and Carolyn


Rod with his bike actually on two wheels!

The mad dash across a very very busy A303

Rod's bike has another malfunction, help from Steve and Ed

Ed offering some helpful advice (maybe!)

Rod's bike on the floor again

Rod's bike ..... oh well you get the picture

Saturday 16th October 2010

Group photo before we leave the George

Ed, Paul, Gordon, Liz, Sue, Carolyn, Ian, Deb, Jan, Rod, Steve, Dick, Gary

More group photos, this time at Shear Water

Carolyn, Deb, Dick, Paul, Liz, Ed, Gordon, Jan, Rod, Steve, Sue

Liz & Paul

Heaven's Gate in the grounds above Longleat House

Ed & Jan

Liz, Sue, Jan, Carolyn

Longleat House

Our bikes "parked" at the entrance to Longleat House


Carolyn (looking very nonchalant!), Deb and Rod

Paul, Dick, Liz and Ed

Taking a group pic - see below

Alfred's Tower

The group pic

Outside Alfred's Tower

"They said we would be here for lunch two hours ago!"

Liz, Rod, Steve, Paul, Ed and Jan having lunch at The Red Lion (Kilmington)

"If he shows me one more thing on that phone!"

"That's it I'm deleting everything!"

Sue tells Carolyn what she has done to Gordon's phone!

Ian and Gary find it funny that we are lost again!

Rod and Ian take a tumble

Rod's bike on the floor again, what a surprise

Paul smiling before we went up White Sheet Hill

Sue also smiling ........ because she doesn't know what's coming!

Very large puddles at the top of White Sheet Hill

Ian and Liz

Gordon and Ed

At the top of Cold Kitchen Hill
Liz, Rod, Gary, Ian,Steve, Ed - Gordon behind the lens

At the top of Cold Kitchen Hill
Gary, Ian, Ed, Steve, Rod Liz - Gordon behind the lens

Saturday 16th October - Dinner & Presentations

Debbie getting a new supply of refreshments

Ed after Debbie presented him with the "Golden Helmet"

Debbie with her wine holder prize


Veronica & Ian, Sue an Steve

Steve, Dick,Liz, Paul and Debbie

Jo, Janet and Rod

Debbie with the first ever presentation of the "Golden Helmet"
As you can see it was once blue, now look at it!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan & Ed, Janet, Rod, Veronica & Ian, Sue

Ed pulling a funny face (maybe!)



Sunday 17th October 2010 - Stourhead Gardens

Gordon and Ian discuss the very poor attempt at bricklaying

Sue, Janet, Veronica and Carolyn

Carolyn, Janet, Veronica, Jo, Sue

Gordon & Jo

Gordon does his Hercules impression

Carolyn, Janet, Sue and Jo

Stourhead Gardens


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